Mami Kato
HidrostasisUmbilical FieldRice Bowls '10Untitled (Rice'n'Bean)Hand Wrapped with Butterbur Leaf Hands Holding the LotusFinite TasksOld Works
The theme of my work that I started about 10 years ago was to examine and reconnect with my early life.
The example of this exercise is that I’ve been using rice stalks often as a material for my sculpture, something that has a close connection to my surroundings in my childhood, and also a historical and symbolic implication of Japanese culture.
The forms of the pieces would be loose references to Japanese daily commodities, metaphors of home, and using traditional Japanese craft technique as a kind of way to connect to the root of that culture.

Now, the theme of my work is shifting from personal life experiences to more general human experience through my interests in Buddhism, quantum mechanics and cosmology. The common ground of those is to see the human life in the astronomical scale and microscopic scale in same time in both time and space. I am interested in observing how we as humans take part of and connect to this larger and smaller world that is beyond humans’ cognition abilities.